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Trouble with constantly changing Exchange Server SMTP Connector queues

SearchExchange.com expert David Sengupta offers troubleshooting advice on how to stop SMTP Connector queues from constantly changing.

I have one Exchange Server SMTP Connector set up. There are many queues, but they keep changing. They continue to point to outside addresses of hosting companies (i.e., insightbb.com, godspeedhosting.com). Are they from a Microsoft Outlook client somewhere? Why are they there, and can I keep them from being added again?
The queues that you're referring to are those created by Exchange Server for any outbound domains … basically someone in your organization is sending email to those domains (or possibly someone is relaying off your server if you haven't blocked relay). So the domains' SMTP servers are backed up or otherwise taking their time accepting email from your server. I'd start by double-checking that relay isn't an issue.

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