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Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook email delivery problems

Microsoft Outlook email doesn't get delivered or ends up in the recipient junk/spam folder. Get tips on troubleshooting this Outlook email delivery problem.

We are using Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email. For the last two weeks, some Outlook email sent to one of our clients isn't getting delivered, while some email is being delivered to the client's spam/junk folder. We never received any non-delivery report (NDR) error messages. Also, we are unable to receive email.
You should verify that the recipient's spam filters (if they have any) aren't blocking and/or deleting your Outlook email messages.

As to your not receiving any email, this could occur for a myriad of reasons. You would need to verify that your Exchange server is configured correctly to receive email. You must make sure that your firewall is permitting the proper inbound SMTP traffic, and you need to make certain that your domain's DNS and MX record are correctly configured.

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