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Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2003 transaction log transfer problems

If you are having Exchange Server 2003 transaction log transfer problems, know what steps to take if you have multiple databases on a drive.

I'm having problems with my Exchange Server 2003 transaction logs. I transferred them from my D: drive to my E: drive yesterday, but today I see that there are new transaction logs on the D: drive. Using the troubleshooting assistant, I see the newly-added files on the E: drive, but the D: drive transaction logs are dated to today. Can you explain this?
Have you moved the transaction log files correctly? This means changing the path within Exchange Server instead of simply dragging and dropping -- which you should never do.

It sounds like you have multiple databases on that drive. Don't forget that your public store is also a database with associated transaction log files. If you didn't change all of the transaction log file locations for all databases, you'll still see new log files on the disk. You should also be using an Exchange-aware backup to flush the transaction log files properly on a regular basis.

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