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Troubleshooting GPO implementation issues

At our high school, we have many different labs with multiple PCs (25-30). Each lab focuses on different applications, in addition to the standards MS Office apps. I thought that the best approach was to create computer OUs based on the labs, then create a GPO that would redirect the desktop folder to a shared folder on a server that contained all the appropriate desktop shortcuts to the apps on the local machines.

We don't want our students to be able to open programs from the Start menu. I've found all the properties and policies for the computer OU, but the desktops are not coming down to the local machines. It's a Win2k client and a native mode Win2k domain. I've followed the instructions and info from the reskit and MS Web site info. Could you recommend other resources that might have more real-life examples and instructions for Group Policy implementation?

Gpresult.exe is going to be your best friend. The first step is to run Gpresult on the client computers to see if you're even getting the GPO. If not, troubleshoot your group policies. Second, take a look in the event logs for errors from folder redirection. Folder redirection is very good about posting useful errors. Odds are that this is enough to track down the problem.

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