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Troubleshooting Outlook calendar errors on a BlackBerry device

If calendar items you've created on a BlackBerry mobile device are disappearing from Microsoft Outlook, find out how to troubleshoot this issue.

I am using a BlackBerry mobile device running on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). When I use it to create meetings in Microsoft Outlook 2007, they often disappear several days later. However, cancellation notices are always sent in conjunction with the disappearances. Do you know why this might be happening?
This Knowledge Base article on calendar items disappearing describes a scenario in which this can occur with improper antivirus configuration on Exchange Server 2000. Using multiple computers to access your mailbox can also lead to scenarios like this.

This Microsoft Office Online advice on Outlook meeting requests can help you further troubleshoot the issue. Beyond that, it wouldn't be possible to do any in-depth troubleshooting without access to your environment.

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