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Troubleshooting a Microsoft Outlook group policy

SearchExchange.com expert Brad Dinerman helps an Exchange Server administrator troubleshoot a Microsoft Outlook group policy that isn't taking effect on all computers in the domain.

I configured group policy to turn off the preview pane in Microsoft Outlook. To do this, I used the Group Policy Object Editor on the user group in my network. I right-clicked on the user group in Active Directory, clicked Properties, went to the 'Group Policy' tab, and created the new policy. The Group Policy Object (GPO) recognized the Outlook 2003 policy template file, and I changed the setting for the preview pane from "non-configured" to "off."

The problem is that the Microsoft Outlook policy does not take effect on all the domain computers. Do you have a suggestion on how to solve this?

Make certain that you have specified the appropriate users or groups in the policy security settings.

If you want all users within the Organizational Unit to receive this policy setting, select the Everyone group or the Authenticated Users group, and it should work fine. You can be more restrictive/granular if you don't want to use those broad security groups.

Also, make certain that there is no other policy in place that defines the use of the preview pane or might override the policy you are trying to configure.

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