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Troubleshooting a failed Exchange install

I did a fresh re-installation on our server. After re-installing Windows 2000 as root, I installed Exchange --...

but I forgot to do the Forestprep prior to this and now I'm stuck. After reinstalling Exchange server successfully, no Microsoft Exchange services are present in the local services. So I removed everything and re-installed Exchange, but I'm still faced with same problem. What's wrong? Please help. You do not need to do Forestprep separately. If you have not run Forestprep (or Domainprep for that matter) and you simply run Setup for Exchange 2000, then Setup will perform the Forestprep and Domainprep options. I think, therefore, that this has nothing to do with a failed install.

To troubleshoot a failed install, the first place to look is the setup log. You should find a file called Exchange Server Setup Progress.log in the root of one of your drives. This file should list any errors or failures it encountered during setup. I also recommend examining the event logs on this system, as well. If auditing is not enabled, I recommend enabling it and re-running setup. This will help isolate failures/problems caused by permission issues.

This was last published in November 2002

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