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Troubleshooting a slow printer connection

I have a Sony Pentium III, 256MB RAM, Windows Me Laptop connected through a router to a Windows 2000 HP Pentium IV Computer. On this same router (DSL network), I have two shared printers: one is a Panasonic Laser Printer and the other an HP 940C Deskjet. The workstation network functions with all devices communicating and sharing the proper drives and printers. However, the HP 940C USB Deskjet shared by the Windows 2000 HP Computer takes 45 seconds to 1 minute to communicate (complete printing) with the Sony Laptop even with a low volume of text. The Windows 2000 HP Computer prints without delays. The Panasonic Laser Printer (also controlled and shared by the HP Windows 2000 PC) has no problem in quick performance with either the Sony Laptop or the HP Tower. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the HP 940C's software more than once and even downloaded the latest drivers for reinstallation to no avail. Locally, the HP 940C Deskjet USB printer functions expeditiously when connected to the Sony Laptop. Should I be concerned with troubleshooting the printer problems on the HP Windows 2000 computer, the router, the HP 940C Deskjet or the Sony Laptop? This complete network used to function perfectly two months ago. No changes or alterations have been made to my network over this period exept for the usual updated Windows Me and Windows 2000 software patches.
I would think that the problem is communication between the Windows 2000 machine and the printer. The drivers for Windows ME should be loaded as additional drivers on the Windows 2000 machine. The Windows 2000 drivers appear to operate normally on the Windows 2000 machine according to your note. It seems the communication or problem would be the communication between the Windows ME machine and the Windows 2000 server -- this would most likely be the driver that is creating the problem.

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