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Troubleshooting password issues with Windows Mobile 6.1

Find out what to do if you Windows Mobile 6.1 password disappears upon restarting.

I have a Windows Mobile 6.1 phone connected to our corporate Exchange server. It appears to synchronize without any issues, but every time the phone is restarted, it loses the saved password. Once the password is re-entered, there are no problems. Is there a way to store the password permanently?
Each of the Windows Mobile devices that support Direct Push ActiveSync should be able to save the password used for authenticating against Exchange. However, with some devices, it might be difficult to see the option.

To see this option, open ActiveSync on the device, then choose Menu > Configure Server, then hit Next. You may need to scroll down the User Information page wizard, but there is an option to save password, ensure the password has been entered correctly and that save password is checked. Click Next, then Finish.

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