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Trying to reach the CD-ROM during the GUI phase of install

I am trying to install Win2K Professional on a new hard disk. It seems to work. However, on starting it asks for a file called NT5INF.CAT on the CD. I cannot find it anywhere including in CAB files. What is going wrong?

Generally, this is because your machine cannot reach the CD-ROM during the GUI phase of the installation. The file is found at:


You may still not be able to get to it and complete the installation since the CD-ROM driver or firmware is out of date. You will basically have two choices:

1) Go the hardware manufacturer and download the driver/firmware and apply it to the machine. You will want to hit F6 at the beginning of the test mode setup so that you can put the CD-ROM driver from the manufacturer in.

2) From a Windows 95 or Windows 98 machine, create a startup disk with CD-ROM drive support. You can then boot your machine to a DOS window, copy the I386 folder from the Windows 2000 CD-ROM to the hard disk, and finally run Winnt.exe from the copied folder to install Windows 2000.

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