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Two versions of MAPI32.DLL cause BlackBerry PIM sync issue

BlackBerry PIM data won't synchronize because there are two version of Outlook's MAPI32.DLL file on your Exchange server. Learn how to fix this MAPI issue.

The previous network administrator at my company installed Microsoft Outlook 2000 on the Exchange 2000 Server box. We are adding BlackBerry into our environment. We've run into an issue with BlackBerry PIM data synchronization, because there are two different versions of the MAPI32.DLL on the server. When the server was built, it was put into three partitions: the C: (boot) drive, the D: (data) drive and the F: (Exchange store) drive. Microsoft Outlook 2000 was installed on the D: partition, where the older MAPI32.DLL is located. The current MAPI32.DLL is on the F: drive.

We have about 45 Exchange users and I do not have a spare box on which to reinstall Exchange Server. This process would require having to take everyone offline for quite some time. Do you have any suggestions?

Also, could I unregister the older DLL version?

Microsoft does not recommend installing Outlook on an Exchange server box. If Microsoft Outlook is not required to function on that box, I would rename the older MAPI32.DLL files to .old. If the DLL libraries are loaded into memory, you may need to restart the Exchange server to make sure it only loads the proper library.

As an alternative approach, you could use a utility -- such as Microsoft's Process Explorer for Windows -- to see exactly what DDL files are loaded. Then you can at least confirm that only the new DDL library is loaded.

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