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USB scanner will only work on Win2k Pro desktop with NTFS and SP2 if I'm logged in as administrator

Hi. My PC runs Windows 2000 Professional with NTFS and Service Pack 2. I have a USB scanner (MUSTEK 1200 plus). The scanner only works correctly if I login as administrator. If I login as a normal user (user or power user), the system says the scanner is not connected. It's the same situation for the CD-burner and some software -- Babylon translator, DirectX, and Steinberg Magnet plugin only work only in administrator. Can you help me? Thanks.
  • This could be caused by several issues:
    1. You may have installed the software/drivers while logged on as administrator and indicated that they only be present for the current user, thus no other users could access them.

    2. Your system may be configured to prevent driver installation by all but the administrator, and/or the drivers for the USB device are not-properly signed and are being restricted when the OS attempts to install them.

    I would contact the scanner manufacturer for their recommendations on a repair.

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