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Unable to browse Active Directory without server share

I'm new to Active Directory and I was asked to deploy Win2k Active Directory in my network. This is my network environment:
-use VLAN(5 VLAN) whereas the DC will be place at a server VLAN and all other VLAN can access the server VLAN.
-2003 server is used to deploy the Active Directory(1-pdc & MS ISA (proxy mode), 2-bdc, Wins & DHCP 3- BDC and file server)

The deployment process went smoothly and accepted that workstation from other VLAN but I cannot browse the Active Directory network. If I mount a server share i.e. server1share1 it works! Login, DHCP, DNS and Wins work and all terminals can register with the AD. This confuses me. Does this have to do that the fact that we use VLAN? Or is it because I installed MS ISA and AD in one machine? I've added all of the VLAN subnet on the AD services and subnet.
Browsing in the Network Neighborhood style, involves the use of an old system of broadcasts and master browsers. The Master and Backup browsers are based on subnet. So, if you have workstations on a different VLAN, sometimes browsing in this way can present a problem. If you show your users how to leverage AD searches instead you will find that you can locate any device in the domain/AD.

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