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Unable to delete some folders and quota entries

I have two problems with my Win2k Server.
1) I cannot delete some folders which contain some files named NTUSER.DAT,NTUSER.INI which are derived from profiles files. I have deleted the relevant users but the above files insist not to be deleted with the following message: "Cannot delete ntuser.pol. Access is denied. The source file may be in use". How may I force this deletion?
2) I cannot delete some quota entries even if there are no files attached to this entry. How may I force this deletion?
You could try rebooting into Safe Mode. This may prevent whatever application is locking the files from being loaded. Next, get the tool Process Explorer from Sysinternals. Find the processes that are locking the file. Disable them, then delete the file, then reboot.

Here is a script that may help.

Also, user quota entries cannot be deleted if a user still owns files or folders on the volume. Before the record can be deleted, all files owned by that user on the volume must either be deleted or moved to another volume, or ownership of the files and folders must be transferred to another user.

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