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Unable to explore NT4 server or map drives to it

I have one Windows 2000 workstation that has joined the domain with a mixed environment of NT4 and Win2k servers. The domain controller is a Win2k server. When looking under Network Places on the workstation, it displays the domain name, but no servers are listed when clicking on the domain name. When searching for computers, I can find the Win2k servers, but not the NT4 server. I can ping all servers, but I'm unable to explore the NT4 server or map drives to it. Other Win2000 workstations in the domain have no problem and show all servers, including the NT4 server and other shared PCs under Network Places.
You may have a DNS or WINS problem. Check that no computer names or IP addresses are re-used. The NT systems need to become members of the 2000 domain. NetBIOS over TCP/IP may be disabled on the NT systems.

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