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Unable to resolve external host names

The problem is on a Windows NT4 workstation in a LAN using TCP/IP as protocol. We also have internal DNS and WINS server on an Active Directory structure. The problem only occurs on this one PC. It is on a 600 node subnet. I am unable to resolve external host names.

The TCP/IP is configured correctly, with three DNS servers and three search suffixes. I am able to log on to the domain and resolve all NetBIOS names. I can access all internal servers. When I ping an IP address, internal or external, I get a good response. When I ping a host name, I get "bad IP address." If I add a DNS suffix to the NetBIOSs name (i.e., "s121606.pjm.com"), I get the same bad IP address error. I have reinstalled the NIC and TCP/IP services, and even removed and re-added it to the domain. I have also reinstalled SP6a and replaced the winsock.dll and wsock32.dll. I reinstalled IE6 too and ran a repair.

I know the user recently uninstalled Jrun and Apache Web server from this workstation and claims the problem started right after. He is a developer and it would be a very difficult rebuild. Any suggestions?
My first impression was that this was a name resolution problem, but PING would return a "Ping request could not find host" if the system simple couldn't be found. I'm not sure it will help, but I did some searching around for you. The only possibly related Knowledge Base article indicates that those symptoms can be caused by a faulty LMHOSTS file.

I hope that helps. Good luck.

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