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Unable to start the Netlogon service

One of our Windows 2000 Advanced Servers refuses to start the Netlogon service. The workstation service starts fine. Thus, I cannot logon to any PDC or BDC nor can other computer logon to the SQL server running on that server. What might be the problem?

First, are you able to start Netlogon manually? If so, your problem may be one of the system dependencies. KnowledgeBase article Q284850 discusses a possible cause of this problem concerning the LanmanWorkstation and LanmanServer dependencies. The fix involves a small update to the Registry.

If Netlogon does not start manually, then you have a possible corruption of the local SAM or Security hives in the Registry. Did this problem just start or has it been present since you installed Windows 2000?

If it just started, you might be lucky enough to have a System State backup that could restore the Registry hives. This is a pretty drastic step because the restoration will also overwrite the software hive, which could possibly wreck your SQL Server installation.

Before taking any drastic measures, see if the manual start works.

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