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Unidentified system error in DOSPRINT.EXE

I found a great utility called DOSPRINT.EXE. It lets my 16-bit application that was created with Microfocus COBOL print to a file and call DOSPrint, which prints the file through the Windows Print Manager, so my DOS application can use USB printers, etc. Under XP, I get this error: "NTDVM has encounter system error, invalid parameter." This only happens when called from a larger print program I wrote. If I call DOSPrint from a program that only calls it, no error results. What's going on?
Your DOSPRINT.EXE has a bug in it. What you are seeing is the NT Virtual DOS Machine (NTVDM) process, which emulates DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1 for backwards compatibility, reporting the crash in your application. Since you're using Windows XP, you may want to consider looking at a Win32 program, as that will run faster and have support from the developers. I've seen some text file printing programs on Download.com.

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