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Unmatched user credentials and peer-to-peer sharing

I have two Samsung X10 laptops with WiFi connectivity. Machine one is running Windows XP (SP1) and machine two is running Windows 2K Pro (SP unknown). Both are less than six weeks old. These machines are usually standalone and not used for connection to any wired network.

I attempted to setup an AD-HOC wireless connection between them. I setup a shared folder on each in the root of the hard disk. I checked both of the folders? permissions and they are configured for full control for the Everyone group. Both machines can see each other via My Network Places (or within explorer). I can access and exchange data when initiating the process from the Win2K machine to XP machine with no problems. But when I try to access the Win2K icon in My Network Places, I get the Username/Password dialog box. I have checked the shared folder & root drive security settings and they are set for the Everyone group (full control). Can you advise as to what I may have missed to solve this problem?
The most common reason for this is unmatched user credentials. When you perform peer-to-peer sharing in this fashion, each machine needs to have a user account that matches one on the other machine, with the same password and preferably the same access level. For perspective, I recently set up a Windows 2000 computer and attempted to access it from my Windows XP Professional machine. I couldn't obtain full access to the 2K shares until I created an account on the 2K machine that matched the username and password available on my XP machine. This is, as they say, "by design" -- peer-to-peer sharing is a lot less flexible than sharing from a client to a server.

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