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Upgrade to Windows XP slows down clients' logon

I have a problem with my Windows 2000 domain. I'll try to explain in short terms. DC: Windows 2000 Server Sp4, Clients: Windows 2000 Pro Sp4, Profiles: All Windows 2000 clients have roaming profiles stored on the server.

The problem: I bought two new XP machines and gave them to my users (who had a Windows 2000 system and a roaming profile with it). Now the logon of these users who upgraded from a Windows 2000 system to a Windows XP system takes a looong time.
This is a common problem with Windows XP systems in Windows 2000 domains, and the most common reason for it is improper DNS resolution. Check the DNS settings of the Windows XP machines to make sure that the DNS resolver is pointing not at the DNS for your Internet connection but your internal DNS resolver for Active Directory. Otherwise the system will attempt to resolve information about your internal computers on an Internet DNS server, which is a complete waste of time!

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