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User cannot access Exchange public folder subfolders

Get advice on how to eradicate Exchange public folder subfolder accessibility issues in Exchange 2000 Server.

We have a Windows XP machine running Microsoft Outlook 2003. The Exchange server is 2000. When User X logs on and executes Microsoft Outlook, he is unable to access Exchange 2000 public folder subfolders. However, when I log on to User X's Windows XP and Outlook 2003 machine, I can access Exchange 2000 public subfolders without issue. It seems to be an Access Control List (ACL) or MAPI problem, but where do I look?
Use Exchange System Manager to check the Security tab of the properties for the problematic Exchange public folder(s). Ensure the user who couldn't access the public folders is either explicitly (i.e., account listed) or implicitly (i.e., group membership) granted access.

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