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User having trouble opening attachments in OWA on IE 5.5 browser

I have a user that is working with Outlook Web Access inside IE 5.5 browser. She installed the latest Windows updates and now she has trouble opening attachments from her e-mail account. Instead of allowing the file to open, it asks for an application to open with every time. Is there a way to configure the browser to fix this or would an upgrade to the latest browser help?
You can do one of two things that I think should fix this: (1) run the repair process for Internet Explorer; or (2) install IE 6.0. My personal preference would be IE 6. It's faster and more secure than IE 5.5 and, I think, just a better browser experience.

If neither of these work, you could download TweakUI from Microsoft's Web site. That has a "repair file associations" feature that should also be able to resolve this problem. Note, though, that some folks have reported problems with this tool, and this tool is categorized as a "Power Toy" and, as such, is not supported by Microsoft (although they happily make and distribute it).

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