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User rights not being assigned: Is this an issue with Group Policy or Active Directory?

Expert Jeremy Moskowitz puts on his Active Directory hat to help out a reader who is having trouble assigning policies and rights to one of his users.

I have 10 computers in a group within its own OU. There are also 10 user accounts for students, 'student1' to 'student10', all with roaming profiles. The students' My Documents folder is redirected to another location.

The problem is that when 'student1' logs on to any of the computers, the policy or rights are not assigned to this user. All the other students, i.e. 2 to 10, are fine.

I tried to create another user account for 'student1', but the domain password policy will not let me use the password that all the student accounts use, saying it doesn't meet the required policy set for the domain. These accounts where transferred from Windows Server 2000 accounts when we upgraded to Windows Server 2003.

I've tried using GPUdate but it has not worked. Everything seems to be OK, but it isn't. I have only been in the job for a couple of weeks, and I'm struggling to sort this out. I need to correct this problem soon, any help on this one gratefully accepted.

This doesn't sound like a Group Policy problem to me. It sounds like a password strength problem. My suggestion: using Active Directory Users and Computers, simply right-click over the username and reset the password to something that meets the strength requirements. I would suggest contacting your domain admin to ensure you understand what the strength requirements are. It's conceivable that the "upgraded accounts" weren't subject do this requirement during the upgrade, but now that you're trying to reset the password, only now are you seeing the requirement. Hope that helps.

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