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Users cannot delete email after installing Outlook 2000 SP3

If users aren't able to delete email after an Outlook 2000 SP3 installation, it's probably a permissions issue. Here's how to fix it.

We have applied Outlook 2000 SP3. Now, Outlook 2000 users with shared email (conference rooms) accounts cannot delete email using the delete key or the right-click delete. They get an access denied error message. However, they can successfully do a shift-delete.
Verify users have permissions to the Inbox folder Go to View -> Folder List, then right click Mailbox and select Properties. Select the Permissions tab and add the users you want to be able to manage the mailbox and the permission role Author or Publishing Editor. Do this for every folder you want users to be able to modify.

You may select from different roles such as:

  • Publishing Editor: Grants permission to create, read, modify and delete.
  • Publishing Author: Grants permission to create and read items and modify
    and delete own items.
  • Author: Grants all permissions.
  • Reviewer: Grants permissions to read items only.

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