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Users can't burn CDs unless logged on as administrators

I've got Win2k on a business machine. I can only access the CD-RW under the administrator account. I've tried two separate software packages, with no difference. I've also tried playing with the user permissions in the Group Policy Editor, and still nothing.

The documentation for one of the programs, NTI CD-Maker Plus, says it needs access to the ASPI layer in order to burn a disk, which isn't available to anyone but administrators -- which is weird in itself, because ASPI is a SCSI spec, and the burner is an IDE...?

Anyway, since my users quite frequently need to burn CDs, I'd like to know if there is any way around this restriction, so the users don't need to be logging in as administrator to burn a CD. That's a bit too big of a security risk for me, even though I'm right there in the same room 99% of the time.

This could be an issue with how the device drivers or the burning software was installed. However, check the Removable Storage section of the Computer Management tool from Administrative Tools (from the Control Panel). I believe you can assign access permissions to non-admins to removable media (of which a CD-RW is) there.

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