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Users having trouble disconnecting from Internet -- local file permissions issue

For some reason, our users are having trouble disconnecting after using the Internet. The task bar area freezes up, and rebooting seems to be the only option. But if I sign in as an administrator, there is no problem. The users' PCs are running Win2k Pro with a Hawking PN576G modem. The domain controller is a Windows 2000 Server. I'm guessing this is some kind of user rights issue and not a modem problem. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you.
Yep, it sounds like a problem with local file permissions. Are you using NTFS? If so, the users probably don?t have access to a necessary file or folder. On one of your user's systems, enable failure auditing for the system. Then, enable failure auditing for the entire file system -- all local drives, just to be safe. Recreate the problem that you experience. Then, log on as an administrator and check the Security Event Log.

Any files that the user didn?t have proper access to will show up as an event in the Security Event Log. Modify the permissions on this file so that the user has access to it, and repeat this process until everything works or you?re sure permissions aren?t causing a problem. Good luck!

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