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Users receiving two copies of Exchange Server public folder posts

Learn how an illogical configuration could cause users to receive two copies of any message posted to an Exchange Server public folder.

We recently set up an Exchange Server public folder to act as the mailbox for our support@domain.com email address. This allows us to set up a rule to forward a copy of an email to the relevant parties via an Exchange Server distribution list. I have set Default and Anonymous to "contributor" to allow SMTP email to post to this area. I also gave the relevant users (associated with the distribution list) access to "read" and "post" for the Exchange Server public folders.

Users are receiving two copies of anything posted to this area. It seems as if they are receiving one copy via the Exchange Server distribution list and another via the Exchange Server public folder. Is this some sort of notification from the Exchange Server public folder?

I only want users to receive one copy of new posts via the Exchange Server distribution list. How can I accomplish this?

I don't quite understand the business purpose you're trying to fulfill. If you have both an Exchange Server distribution list containing the public folder's SMTP address, along with a rule on an Exchange Server public folder to forward all posts/messages to the users on that distribution list, then the users will receive two copies of each message by design. There is no way of disabling this. If you'd like to explain more of what you're trying to achieve, please write back to us and we'll try to help.

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