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Users with same username at multiple email domains creates issue

Find out why users with the same username for multiple email domains may receive an email that was sent to one particular mailbox in every mailbox.

I just installed Exchange 2003 on an Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition box. The goal of this installation was to get rid of my company's managed hosting services and bring it in-house. We now host 14 domains that are live and up-and-running. However, I have multiple users who have the same username for multiple email domains. When an email is sent to jward@abc.net, it also shows up in the inbox of jward@xyz.com and jward@lmn.com, which is confusing to my users. What did I do wrong? Maybe it's a DNS problem?
I would confirm that the mailbox-enabled user JWARD doesn't have multiple proxy addresses, as listed in Figure A.

Mailbox-enabled user properties screen
Figure A: Mailbox-enabled user with multiple proxy addresses.

I know you specifically state they were different mailboxes, but I would also check with your ISP provider -- and their configuration.

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