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Using AD, is it possible to modify attributes for selected users all at once, instead of one at a ti

Using Active Directory on Win2000 Server, is there a way of modifying certain attributes of all the selected users, instead of having to make the changes one at a time? The user manager in NT4 allowed you to select all the accounts that you wanted to change, and it would then let you change the basic attributes (such as the profile path) using variables like %username%. Can I accomplish this with Active Directory?
You can write scripts employing the Net User commands to change accounts in bulk and you can employ the %username% variable in UNC paths. I can make bulk changes on my Windows NT and .NET RC1 systems by selecting multiple users in the interface by holding down the CTRL or SHIFT keys. I don't have a functioning Windows 2000 to test this, but I thought the same activity could be performed on Windows 2000. Sorry if this is not enough help.

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