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Using Network Monitor to troubleshoot Exchange communication issues

How do you use MS Network Monitor to troubleshoot Exchange? In a few of your articles, you suggested using Network Monitor to analyze Exchange communication issues. Do you know where can I dig up some more info on this handy tool?
Network Monitor is a handy (and free) diagnostic tool that can capture LAN traffic and display network statistics. Network Monitor comes with Windows NT Server and Windows 2000 Server Family products, and there is a more full-featured version that ships with Microsoft SMS. You'll find a lot of good information for using Network Monitor in its Help file, in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q148942. Although it ships with these products, you can install it on other operating systems, as well. For example, to install and use it on Windows 95/98, see KB article Q200910. You can find a Netmon FAQ in KB article Q294818, too.

Other links you might find handy include:

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