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Using RIS, which drivers should I use -- DOS or Win2k?

I used RBFG.EXE to create a boot disk (to install Windows 2000 via Remote Installation Service -- RIS). This solution is good with the recent card. RBFG.EXE proposes about 10 network cards. What must I do to add other drivers? And which drivers -- Windows 2000 or DOS?
You would want to use the DOS drivers when booting from a floppy to install Win2k over a network. Unfortunately, you cannot add additional network adapters to the RIS boot disk. Microsoft adds additional network adapters over time and makes the updates in the RBFG.EXE tool available through normal distribution channels, such as the Web, Windows Update and future service pack or feature pack updates. But many computers being shipped today come with support for a network remote installation in the BIOS. If your machine is not supported by the boot floppy, you may be able to use this built-in capability. Read your system documentation for more information.

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