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Using my CPA experience in the IT field

I'm a qualified certified accountant and qualified tax adviser who wants to move into (IS) information systems. My aim is to use my experience-to-date and build on it within the IS arena. What careers are open to me and how can I pursue them?
With your kind of background something like the ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) sounds like a perfect target. It will let you draw on your knowledge of audit and accounting procedures to help people use IT technology properly and responsibly. It also offers potential tie-ins to information security work, which is as close to a growth market as opportunities come in the otherwise depressed IT field these days.

Beyond these two specific recommendations, I'd urge you to read some IT trade magazines (InfoWorld, Network World, CIO and so forth) to get a sense of what kind of work IT professionals do. Given that you must understand money and financing, you might even be able to get work in large corporate IT departments by helping them figure out how best to spend their technology dollars.

I hope this reply provides some help and direction for your quest. Feel free to post again, or e-mail me directly if you have more specific questions for me or want to follow up further on what you see here.

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Another good opportunity might be roles of Product Manager and Business Analyst in the accounting software domain.