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Utilize the MS GINA

We are in the process of creating our own GSO product. Its stats include the following: -Single sign-on -One user...

ID and password for NT -Notes and a few other web-based applications -In-house client applications

Almost all the users in our network use WinNT4. When the user logs in, they should get our shell (C-shell, this is an .exe file) instead of the one provided by Microsoft. That will provide the user with the list of applications within our in-house shell. We want to know how to utilize the MS GINA.

It sounds as if you want to accomplish two things. You want to have a custom logon screen and you want to have a custom shell that presents just those applications that support your GSO. It's not clear whether your executable obtains a different set of user credentials than those obtained by the standard GINA or whether it is intended to supplement the Explorer shell. If you want to build a custom GINA, look at the instructions and code samples in the MSDN library and the platform SDK. You will need to convert your logon executable to a DLL that can run under Win logon.

As for your application shell, you will not be able to replace Explorer. However, you could devise a menu of applications that would be listed in the Start menu or in Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. This can be done via group policies. Your application would need to provide a secure repository of the logon credentials for the supported applications.

This was last published in July 2001

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