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VB6 permission problems

Hi! I have a problem in Visual Basic v.6. The problem is that when a normal user adds components, the message appears: "Permissions denied."

My network configuration:

  1. OS on client site - Windows 2000 Professional with SP2
  2. OS on server site Windows 2000 Server with SP2
  3. Group Policy is disabled registry editing tools

Permission on client HDD:

  • Administrators group (Full Control)
  • Creator Owner group (Full Control)
  • Authenticated Users group (Read, Write, and Execute)
  • System group (Full Control)

Please help me! How do I solve this problem? Thanks a lot.

The fact you don't have registry editing policies looks a little weird to me. For Visual Studio, you need to be a full administrator on the machine. Your list doesn't indicate that YOUR account is in the machine's administrator group. If it's not, the Visual Basic design time might not allow you to use components.

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