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VPN works on Win 98 PC modem but not on NIC

I am trying to set up a user with Windows 98SE to access our 2003 Server by using VPN. I am using VPN on our Windows XP and 2000 workstations, and that seems to work very well. I thought I could do the same with the 98 PC, but for some reason, I am unable to. The VPN on the 98 PC only works with the modem, not the network interface card (NIC) card. Is there some way I can make the VPN use the high-speed network instead of the default modem? This 98 PC also has the latest downloads installed as well. I used to be thought of as being fairly astute, but now I just hang my head in shame. ;)
I don't know of any reason why the VPN wouldn't work using the NIC. Can you ping the VPN server's IP address across both the dial-up and broadband connections? If not, then you've got a connectivity problem that's not related to the VPN. If you can ping it from both, double check the bindings and other configuration settings in the network properties of the Windows 98 system.

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