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Value of MCSE, CNE and CCNA

I am a CNA and want to do MCSE, CNE and CCNA. Is it beneficial for me to do complete these?

For IT professionals, technical certification and the expertise it represents clearly enhances long-term job prospects. In a recent survey commissioned by RHI Consulting, an overwhelming 83 percent of IT consultants said that technical certification was a valuable tool for career advancement.

In a field that depends so heavily on technical competency, certification provides a universal measure of assurance that an applicant possesses the required advanced skills. However, on-the-job experience remains a priority when evaluating prospective hires. Therefore, such intangibles as communication abilities and business acumen cannot be overlooked.

Based on this information, I would recommend pursuing additional certifications that support your current expertise. However, do not forget that acquiring extensive hands-on experience is just as important as earning a technical certification. This means you'll need to ensure that the work you're currently doing -- whether as a consultant or a full-time employee -- is helping support your career goals by continually challenging you with access to leading-edge technologies.

This was last published in June 2001

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