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Value of an online IT education

The 3/29/01 issue of SearchWin2000's newsletter talks about off campus and online education. How is the industry reacting to these types of degrees from non-traditional universities? University of Phoenix ONLINE is one local example and I'm wondering if the degree is less valued because of the type of program.

First, let me say I think you're making a wise decision in considering going back to school. A degree teamed with hands-on experience and extensive technical expertise will do wonders for your long-term marketability.

In my experience working with technology professionals such as yourself, I haven't seen these types of programs viewed as any less valuable to a candidate's career potential. I believe the industry recognizes these institutions as excellent opportunities for working professionals to enhance their expertise. However, it does not take time away from their careers and or make them fall behind on technological or industry advancements. Even more important than the name or location of your alma mater, is the immediate value you can add to a potential employer. This means that when developing your resume and interviewing with firms, you should be sure to highlight the aspects of your skills, experience and education that directly apply to that opening. Also include how they'll help you succeed in this new role.

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