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Visual Studio .NET 2003 takes too long to start and then freezes

Visual Studio .NET 2003 takes about five minutes to start at the splash screen. Then, once inside, it works fine until I try and use any type of debugging feature. The Tools -> Options -> Debugging freezes the program as well. I've tried to uninstall completely and reinstall, but it's the same problem. Windows Event viewer says: The server {B20E899D-B079-479D-A4DC-10F758D9CD9A} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout. This shows up every time VS.NET freezes.
Yikes, I haven't seen this one before. The GUID {B20E899D-B079-479D-A4DC-10F758D9CD9A} is one from the MDM (Machine Debug Manager) Utilities. MDM.EXE is the magic piece that actually does the debugging. What possibly could be wrong is that the MDM Service for some reason isn't started. Before starting VS.NET, do a "net start mdm" in a console window. If it says it's started, something is completely out of whack on your machine and you may need to contact Microsoft. If it's not started, then we know what the problem is and you'll need to set MDM to be an automatically started service.

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