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WD1200JB drive problems causing computer to freeze

I have three HD's 1 pri master, 2 pri slave, CD on sec master and a WD 1200JB drive on sec slave partitioned as a 32 FAT logical drive of 120 GB in WinXP.

I shut off the computer yesterday and rebooted, and WinXP froze at LOGO upon boot up. I restored WinXP with Ghost and it still freezes upon boot up at LOGO screen.

I traced problem to WD1200JB drive and ran Scandisk from DOS. Scandisk freezes at about 6% into FAT allocation testing. I booted to DOS and ran Spinrite -- same thing. If I remove the drive from the system, WinXP boots up without any problems.

I have NOT written or deleted files on this drive. I have managed to save some files using DOS copy command. Is there any way of saving this drive and contents in DOS without reformatting it?

I know of no consumer level recovery tools that could resolve this problem. I would contact a drive reclamation company. However, their services are very expensive.

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