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We cannot access IIS Web servers unless we exclude the IP addresses

We are new to ISA server and have an annoying problem. When we configure a client to use ISA we cannot seem to access any local (internal) IIS Web-servers (page not found is displayed) - This happens even when we have 'bypass proxy for local servers' checked. However, if we specifically EXCLUDE each of the IIS servers IP addresses in the client IE settings (under Proxy/advanced settings) then it works! We don't want have to visit every client PC every time we have a new IIS or an IP changes. Can we put the addresses of the local IIS servers into ISA server? Many thanks.
If you use "dotless" names to identify your internal servers, the Bypass Proxy For Local Servers option will work as you expect it to. For example, if you reference http://internal.mycompany.com, IE will assume that it is an external address and send the request to the Proxy Server. If you reference http://internal, IE will know it is an internal address, and contact the Web server directly.

Also, use autoconfiguration to reduce the time required to configure clients. Read Microsoft KB article 309814 for more information: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=309814

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