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Web site is displaying placeholder from other Web site instead of index.cfm

I am new to IIS Web admin and I have set up a few Web sites with no errors. But now I have set up a new site, the same settings as the others and the correct index page index.cfm is being replaced in the browser with the text and layout and place holders for the graphics of one of the other Web sites. The Web Site Identification does not use IP addresses but the host header name is correct.
I can't be sure of the source of the problem without seeing the HTML, however, here's my guess: Index.cfm references objects with full URLs rather than just URIs. URIs don't list the Web site name, just the path to the file. For example, when referencing an image, Cold Fusion produces HTML that looks like this:

<img src=http://www.someothersite.com/image.gif>

Rather than a shorter URI that doesn't contain the site name, like this:

<img src="/image.gif"> This in itself isn't a problem, unless the hostname listed in the full URL is wrong. In the previous example, perhaps you typed "www.thissite.com" in the browser, and index.cfm includes references to "www.someothersite.com". Check your Cold Fusion configuration to verify that CF knows the correct site name.

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