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What are options for using a scanner with Terminal Services?

Expert Christa Anderson suggests some third-party software producst that can help in using a scanner with Terminal Services.

What are my options as far as recognizing a scanner over an RDP connection?

We have a need to scan documents into our LOB application running on a Windows 2003 Terminal Server. The workstations are in remote offices communicating via site-to-site VPN. The workstations are connecting to the terminal server using RDP. Is there a way to have RDP recognize a locally attached USB device such as a scanner?

To use a scanner with Terminal Services you will need to use third party software such as RemoteScan or triCerat's Simplify Printing.

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You can also use RemoteDesktopTwain from http://www.scanworkssoftware.com/remotedesktoptwain.aspx