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What are the best options for setting up inter-office e-mail for a small office?

I have a client that wants inter-office e-mail. They don't have a server and are running Windows 2000 Pro and Exchange Server. As I understand it, inter-office e-mail would be a bit more than they need and require, as they are running 10 standalone workstations on a simple LAN and they would need another server to handle it. I've tried checking out Microsoft mail (95 version), but it does not seem to work with Win2k Pro and works on an earlier version on Exchange server. Any suggestions?
I'm a bit confused by your scenario. You say they want e-mail between offices and that they don't have a server, but somehow they are running Windows 2000 Professional and Exchange Server? Exchange Server will only install on a Windows Server family product. Exchange 5.5 can run on Windows NT Server and Windows 2000 Server; Exchange 2000 only runs on Windows 2000 Server family products.

I would have a look at Small Business Server. It is targeted at companies whose size and needs match your clients. For more information, see Microsoft's SBS Web site.

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