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What are the job prospects after completing A+ certification?

I have attended a school that would prepare me for my A+ certification. I have finished school but have not yet taken my A+ certification exam. I have been studying at home to make sure I am ready to take it but my Question is what do I do after I pass my certification? Where and in what category do I apply for employment?
By itself, the A+ may not be enough to put you in a job, unless you want to work in the PC technician role that this certification targets. If you poke around on the CompTIA Web site, however, please note that in concert with Dice.com, CompTIA offers a Career Center that includes job search resources and job information to all CompTIA certification holders and candidates. You might be able to get some idea about the opportunities available to you there ( http://seeker.dice.com/seeker.epl?rel_code=11035).

Given current job market and economic conditions, be aware that A+ by itself is purely entry level and thus points toward basic positions in customer service, technical support or at a help desk of some kind. Such jobs are hard to find right now, so you're wise to be thinking ahead and to start checking opportunities and availability in your geographical area.

Good luck!

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