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What are the major arguments to choose SCSI RAID over IDE RAID, or vice versa?

What are the major arguments to choose SCSI RAID over IDE RAID, or vice versa? We expect IDE to be much more price favourable then SCSI, though we're lacking the arguments to really convince management of the details of SCSI in this. My feeling tells me SCSI is more reliable and better performing, though I have been out of the loop for a while. Am I correct or wrong, and do you have arguments we can present?
You're right that SCSI is faster than IDE. It's also more scaleable, because you can add many drives to a SCSI RAID array (the specific number of drives you can add varies depending on your hardware). IDE RAID has a nice niche, though. It's MUCH faster than software-based RAID (ie., mirroring drives in Windows 2000), and it's MUCH cheaper than SCSI RAID. Your choice will depend on how you weigh cost against disk performance--and whether you really need the extra speed.
This was last published in December 2001

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