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What are the maximum number of simultaneous connections I can have on Win2k RAS server?

I have set up a Win2000 server as a RAS server. Can you tell me what the maximum number of simultaneous connections are allowed (assuming the licensing is in order), as I am experiencing the server running at 100% under task manager. This comes about at random after about nine connections. I am using USB modems, and the server is only being used for authentication (Active Directory) and routing. The module that runs at 100% is the SYSTEM module.
If the processor utilization is spiking, it's probably not an artificial software limitation. I would start by installing all the latest service packs, then seeking out the latest drivers. It's not common for people to run a bank of modems using USB, so it's entirely possible that you've discovered a weakness in how the original drivers were built. I suggest contacting the modem vendor.

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