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What are the ramifications of doing a broad scale change to domain accounts?

I have a client who is running Windows 2000 Server/Exchange 2000 Server domain that has had domain user names in a certain format (eg. jsmith) for a few years. My client just recently changed their Internet e-mail address scheme to be joes@domain.com. Now my client wants to change the domain accounts to match the new e-mail format (joes@domain.com) and delete the other SMTP addresses with the old scheme. I have 75 users that I need changed. My question is what are the ramifications of doing a broad scale change to domain accounts to match SMTP Internet e-mail address schemes?
Instead of recreating and deleting accounts, consider using the Dsmove command with the –newname switch to rename the accounts as they are. User accounts are assigned unique identifiers that are independent of the user name. Start with a small group of users as a test, and be sure to give your domain controllers time to replicate the change if you are split over multiple sites.

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