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What are the reasons for not being able to ping a mail server?

What would be the reasons for not being able to ping a mail server?
This is quite the question, as there could be so many reasons why a mail server would not respond to a ping. This includes obvious ones like the mail server being down, name resolution being broken, a bad subnet mask being used, the suppression of ICMP echo messages, etc. The best way to troubleshoot the problem is to run a sniffer like Network Monitor and see what is transpiring over the network when you attempt to ping the server.

Unfortunately, given the general nature of your question, I'm not able to provide you with any specific things you can do to resolve this. But, check the basics and take a network trace and you should isolate this problem in no time.

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Domino servers stick when replicating to primary server My server is having a connection problem. Our primary Domino server is in Australia. All users in China receive e-mail through MCI VPN LAN. We also have a back-up server and a documentary server. We can ping and resolve the servers by name, but most users currently have been experiencing a connectivity problem while replicating with the primary server. The bar that indicates replication progress was sitting and sticking in receiving mail. When we try to open the database on the server, the window of open database sits, too; however, Notes shows the server is connected on the status bar. But We found that two users can work when switched to others' IDs that don't work originally on Notes. Normally the backup server would take over, but it isn't; only the documentary server is available.

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