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What areas of the certification process should I cover for a career day?

My local high school has asked me to participate in their career day. Last year, I had a booth and described the certification process and its benefits. I would like to do this again but add other topics that students would find interesting. Any ideas?
Take a look at the various "10 Hottest Certifications" lists at www.certcities.com, and this article: http://www.certcities.com/editorial/features/story.asp?EditorialsID=76. You will be very safe profiling one or more of these credentials as among the most popular certifications around. If you visit other sites like www.informit.com/certification or www.gocertify.com you'll be able to dredge up all the details necessary to entice career day attendees.

FYI, I've also recently developed a "Planning an IT Career" course for Michigan Virtual University (see www.itcareercenter.org). You may also want to point career day attendees at this excellent resource as well.

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