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What can I expect salary-wise from a CompTIA Project+ certification?

Career expert Ed Tittel helps a future project manager what to expect as far as income goes in the current job market.

I have about two years experience in Level 1 and Level 2 help desk, plus a one-year stint where I was given the...

title of a DBA, but functioned more like a half-breed Sys. Admin and DBA. I just ordered the CompTIA Project+ book and CD after much soul-searching about my future. I'm a wife & mom of two almost-teens, and I've got about 25 years to go until I can retire, and my current job is boring me to death.

My questions revolve around this: What can I expect (salary-wise) after I get my CompTIA Project+ Certification in the Charlottesville/Richmond, VA area? How shall I go about getting that type of job?

If project management is your thing, don't stop with the CompTIA Project+. Instead, you should use that as a springboard to go after the better-recognized and more valuable Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the PMI (Project Management Institute). The PMP is a widely recognized credential that paid an average salary in the $70,000 to $90,000 range in major metro areas as of the 2007 Certification Salary Survey in Certification Magazine (expect somewhat less in lower-paying markets like Charlottesville or Richmond, however). I can't even find any salary data for the CompTIA Project+ credential, per se, which should also tell you something …

Best of luck in your pursuits. Project management is an important, rewarding, and interesting field, so I think your switch may do you some good!


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